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Air Conditioning Installation

     Air conditioning installation is one of the main services that we provide at Inshore Heating and Air we will come to your house and diagnose the issue with your old air conditioning system. We get a lot of questions about air conditioning such as, why is my air conditioner not that cold or what should I prepare for when installation day arrives for my new air conditioner? These type of questions could be all signs that you need a new air conditioning system. We will check the old air conditioning system to make sure that it isn't low on refrigerant or something that is a simple fix. We can install several different types of air conditioning units like split air conditioning systems, heat pumps, ductless air conditioning systems, and even geothermal air conditioners. 

     Air Conditioner thermostats and their location is another issue we run into when we come to our customers homes. When we do a new installation we like to make sure that the thermostat for air conditioner is located in the correct spot and that it is working properly. On our HVAC installations we make sure that all of our units are nice and neat so that they not only look professional but work properly. Don't let the new air conditioner price scare you we here at Inshore Heating and Air make sure we keep price as low as possible. We have financing available if you need help with paying for your new system. Let us take care of your new air conditioning system installation then your air conditioner service and if necessary your future air conditioning repairs. We cover most of NW Florida to include Crestview, Niceville, Ft Walton Beach, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Defuniak Springs, Freeport, Milton, Navarre, Gulf Breeze,Baker, Pensacola and others. You call us and we will come take a look quickly.

Air Conditioner Repair

     Is my air conditioner low on freon? Does freon leak when my air conditioner is off? If my air conditioner is low what does the refrigerant cost? These are some of the numerous air conditioner repair questions that are asked almost daily. Freon is a very important component of air conditioner repair that a professional HVAC contractor deals with frequently. Freon needs to stay within a certain range to work the way it should within the air conditioning unit and if there are any freon leaks then the freon will leak out and the system will be low causing your split AC or heat pump to not let your air conditioner  blow cold air. Running your AC on low refrigerant can cause damage to your air conditioner compressor. We also get emergency air conditioner repair calls about such issues as why is my AC thermostat blank with no display. We can replace your AC thermostat with a new high tech digital smart thermostat or with a simple one. We offer air conditioner repair estimates free. Don't wait until you need a new air conditioning system to give us a call or until you need  emergency air conditioner repair near me but if you do know that Inshore Heating and Air is here your air conditioner repair 24/7. Call today!

Air Conditioner Service

     What does air conditioner service actually entail? The term service is a very broad term and is based on the type of heating and cooling system that you have but all units include some basic things such as: checking the refrigerant, thermostat, air filter, cleaning off the outside air conditioners exterior, and numerous other things. The word service really means did you enjoy the interaction with our team of professional HVAC contractor. We want to make sure that you feel like our most important customer every time we come to your home or business. Please let us show you how much effort we put into making our air conditioning business the very best it can be. Don't hesitate to call us at any time day or late night if you have an emergency air conditioning repair issue. We will respond very quickly to your issues and most of the time it is a same day fix no matter how long it takes. CALL IMMEDIATELY!

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